Tom Hardy Awarded 2nd Stripe on BJJ Belt

Tom Hardy Awarded 2nd Stripe on BJJ Belt

Tom Hardy has recently been awarded his 2nd stripe.


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Hardy is going the legitimate route and is pulling all the stops. Hardy was first spotted doing bjj in September 2017.

39 year old actor was spotted working on his jiu-jitsu alongside the royal marines in an attempt to help them being attention to a cause near and dear to their heart:

Tom Hardy training Jiu Jitsu in his REORG Kit! Doing an outstanding job of applying what he was taught and maintaining top position! Great pressure! Are you a Veteran or serving wounded? REORG in association with We Defy Foundation is in place for you to help combat the psychological and physiological symptoms you may be dealing with. Everyone that has grappled on the mat knows the psychological and physiological benefits that can be attained, please help get the message out and help REORG help those in need. If your a Veteran and would like to get involved in Jiu Jitsu please message REORG directly @royalmarinesjiujitsu

Since then he worked on his grappling for the Venom role.

As well as taking up being an ambassador for REORG @royalmarinesjiujitsu


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