This Closed Guard Posture Break To Armpit Armbar Will Blow Your Mind

This Closed Guard Posture Break To Armpit Armbar Will Blow Your Mind

The posture is superbly important in Jiu Jitsu. This is applicable in closed guard. If you can make your opponent round his back and, by doing so, get him to lose his upright position, then you have effectively broken his posture down. Then, you can start engaging him with sweeps and/or attacks with more ease than you could’ve done otherwise.

Therefore, let’s use this crucial principle – the principle of breaking your opponent’s posture – to better understand the most important starting point: the proper body positioning in closed guard.

Renzo Gracie black belt Karel ‘Silver Fox’ Pravec showed Bernardo Faria a superb way of breaking down the opponent’s posture in closed guard by opening the guard for a split second and using your legs to go to a perpendicular position. Silver Fox then uses an interesting palm down control on the top of the head.

At this moment, Silver Fox doesn’t even focus on trapping the arm. Silver Fox decides to not pass  the leg over because he says that the transition is the perfect opportunity for the opponent to escape. Instead he uses an armpit armbar to finish.

The armpit armbar traps the arm under your armpit. Hence the name ‘Armpit Armbar’.

Check out the move:

Use your guard skills to attack and catch your opponent on the blind side.

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