These 3 Tricky Triangles Set Ups Work Against World Class Opponents

These 3 Tricky Triangles Set Ups Work Against World Class Opponents

The triangle choke from guard is one of the first submissions that you will typically learn in BJJ. It is highly effective and will work at all levels.

There are so many ways to set up a triangle choke. To catch a technically superior opponent, you will need to have a very tricky and sneaky set up that will catch them off guard.

Earlier this year, Fellipe Andrew made a huge impact at this year’s European championship when he won the gold in the black belt absolute in spectacular fashion. The Zenith black belt became the first man to submit Keenan Cornelius at black belt, with a spectacular triangle.
Andrew has an incredible 70 percent submission rate in competition.

Before you work on the triangle, you need to develop yourself a good guard. When developing a guard it’s not only important to have good systems and sweeps but also to have some really dangerous submissions that are hard to predict because it keeps your opponent in a level of fear which makes them more defensive.

In this video, BJJ black belt Jon Thomas shows 3 set ups just like Fellipe Andrew’s which will give you success with submitting really good guys wit triangles:

Learn to hunt submissions with world-class black belt and multiple time IBJJF gold medalist, Felipe Andrew.

Master devastating triangle chokes, vicious foot locks, and much more in this series completely dedicated to chasing the tap.
These are some of Fellipe’s signature techniques that have won him big tournaments against other black belts.

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