The Joy of Leading a BJJ Academy: A Career Beyond the Boring Corporate Job

The Joy of Leading a BJJ Academy: A Career Beyond the Boring Corporate Job

Written by Gile Huni., a 3rd degree BJJ black belt and head instructor at Kimura BJJ Serbia 

In the bustling landscape of careers, the path of a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu academy owner and head coach shines with a unique allure, standing out as not just a job, but a passion-driven lifestyle.

As the head BJJ coach of Kimura BJJ Serbia, one experiences the exhilarating privilege of heading to work each day with the spirit of a ninja turtle, even at the age of 44. This unconventional career choice offers a refreshing contrast to the structured and often monotonous environment of the corporate world.

What sets apart the role of a BJJ academy leader from a traditional corporate job?

Firstly, it’s about embracing one’s passion. In the world of BJJ, the head coach is not just an instructor but a mentor, guiding students through a journey of physical and mental growth. This deep, personal connection with one’s work is rarely found in corporate roles.

Additionally, the role of a BJJ coach is marked by the significance of being a specialist. The world is replete with lawyers, accountants, and engineers, but how many can claim the unique title of a BJJ black belt instructor? This rarity adds immense value to the role.

A story shared by Renato Magno on the Jean Jacques Machado podcast illustrates this perfectly. At a dinner party, a lawyer questioned Magno’s career choice in teaching Jiu-Jitsu. Magno’s response highlighted the scarcity and thus the value of his profession. In his city, while there may be over 2,000 lawyers, there are only ten BJJ black belt instructors, with him being the most experienced. This scarcity doesn’t just create a niche; it creates a demand for expertise that can’t be easily replicated.


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Moreover, the job of a BJJ academy head is intrinsically rewarding. It’s about shaping lives, instilling discipline, and imparting a skill that empowers. There’s a tangible, immediate impact seen in the students – a reward that often eludes the spreadsheet-driven corporate roles.

To sum up, being the head coach of a BJJ academy is not merely a career choice; it’s a way of life. It’s about pursuing passion, being a sought-after specialist, and making a real impact. It’s a path less trodden, but for those who walk it, every day is an adventure, a chance to grow, and an opportunity to leave a lasting legacy. The satisfaction derived from this role is unmatched, embodying the saying: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”