The Double Leg Trap Sweep Will Revolutionize Your Half Guard Game

The Double Leg Trap Sweep Will Revolutionize Your Half Guard Game

In BJJ it’s quite often the hardest to figure out how a sweep works. Submissions are somewhat easier. You grab onto the isolated limb and apply pressure but working a sweep quite often takes way more effort. Sweeps are of course even harder if you’re on the smaller side, heaven forbid a female. But still there are sweeps that tend to work if you execute the steps correctly and don’t even require that much drilling and practiced timing. One such is the double leg trap from half guard by Lachlan Giles.

Back in the day, half guard was seen as a position that was halfway to mount or halfway back to guard, very transitional. The last thing that it was thought of was its own position with countless advantages. Today’s perspectives on half guard has not only taken a 180 degree turn, but it is now realized that in some circumstances, this position is superior to the classic full guard.

Most of us have been there, your opponent has such a large girth, that crossing your legs to close the guard becomes a challenge in itself. This is where playing half guard is smart. No matter what the size of your opponent, it is just easier to wrap around one leg then the whole torso. Keeping with the size difference theme, being able to stay on your side and maneuver to a back take or to a sweeping series is definitely easier then being flat on your back in full guard against a larger opponent. Especially when you take into account the lockdown, deep half guard and the knee shield being at your disposal.

In this video, Giles demonstrates shows a wicked double leg trap sweep from half guard. If you apply this correctly, it can revolutionize your half guard game.

Lachlan Giles is here to change your entire half guard game in his Half Guard Anthology series on BJJ Fanatics.
Lachlan Giles is an ADCC Veteran, Pan Pacific Champion, and coach to one of the fastest rising starts, Craig Jones.
This is your opportunity to learn how to manipulate anyone from the half guard and use their weight against them.

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