The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Lesson Rickson Gracie Taught “The Hulk”

The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Lesson Rickson Gracie Taught “The Hulk”

Back in 2008, actor Edward Norton was filming the movie “The Incredible Hulk” in Rio de Janeiro.
And he thought about a unique aspect of his character: if a regular man could transform into a colossal green creature, how would he manage his emotions to prevent catastrophic outcomes?

So, given that Norton knew about the Gracie family already, he came to an idea – to find Rickson Gracie.
As he had a great idea for a movie scene involving him and the famous BJJ athlete and coach.

And, while the scene made it to the big screen and was witnessed by many – where Rickson teaches “The Hulk” how to control breath – the lessons that he had to share aren’t applicable just to the fictional green monster…


… They’re applicable to everyone:

Knowing how to breathe for those who fight is more important than knowing how to swim for those who surf.

The benefit doesn’t just fall on the muscles: your brain will work better when your lungs work better, and this is the secret that changes everything.

That is to say, there are a lot of lessons to be taught from Rickson Gracie on breathing.
What’s more, here is a recently published video from Rickson – a “practical breathing lesson”: