Tammi Musumeci Doesn’t Care About Points: “I’m Just Trying To Hit Cool Subs”

Tammi Musumeci Doesn’t Care About Points: “I’m Just Trying To Hit Cool Subs”

Tammi Musumeci, multiple-time IBJJF champion, seems to fall in the category of BJJ practitioners who aren’t too concerned about points… But that would much rather hunt a cool submission or two.

Musumeci, who will make her ONE Championship debut next Friday, was interviewed by the promotion – and she explained her unusual mindset:

I feel like I have submissions from weird places too. I just feel like it’s just different styles.
I’m just a little different, I guess, to other people. I’m just going out there and trying to hit cool stuff and try to hit cool subs.

I’m not really focused so much on titles or any of that stuff. I like to live my life a certain way. I don’t have Instagram or social media.
I’m not doing it for titles or anything.

I’m just trying to hit cool stuff. So, I’m just like: “Oh, look, I have this submission.”
Not thinking about: “Oh, I’m not getting points.”

Tammi has been training with her brother, Mikey Musumeci, since they were children.
So that might be the reason for her way of thinking:

We’ve always been partners. We’re still training partners.

We’d train at different gyms, but we’ve always trained with each other on the side as well by ourselves, which I felt helped me a ton because he’d work with me even when he was a blue belt or a kid.

He’d always show me what he was working on, so we’ve always worked together, and I feel like that’s what made us pretty successful, because we were consistently training partners.


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