Start Taping Everyone At The Academy with Tarikoplata; No One Can Stop It

Start Taping Everyone At The Academy with Tarikoplata; No One Can Stop It

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is limitless. It is constantly evolving and with the internet, new techniques are readily available to even the newest white belts. This makes the sport of BJJ evolve even faster and further.

You may have heard of the ‘Tarikoplata’. Big names such as Keenan Cornelius, Gordon Ryan or Marcus Buchehca swear by it and use it in their game. It was popularized by Tarik Hopstock, a brown belt world champion who won Copa Podio in Brazil. If you incorporate it in your game, from various positions, you will catching everyone in it in no time.

It’s a bit like an omoplata but way more powerful. You can set it up from all the positions (Open guard, side control, mount, back etc…) so you can actually base your whole game on the Tarikoplata… Getting some ideas?

Tarik shows Bernadro Faria a cool set up from knee shield:

Learn one of jiu-jitsu’s most innovative and effective attacks from the fighter who named it, as Norwegian brown belt and world absolute medalist Tarik Hopstock shows the unique Tarikoplata submission that has made him one of the most notorious BJJ up-and-comers today. GET 10% OFF USING PROMO CODE ‘BJJEE’.
This unique submission hold has lit up the BJJ competition scene, with everyone from Tarik Hopstock to Gordon Ryan swearing by its effectiveness. Tarikoplata by Tarik Hopstock.

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