Sakuraba Grapples Shamrock And More Rizin Results

Sakuraba Grapples Shamrock And More Rizin Results



Match between Pride legend Kazushi Sakuraba and former UFC champ Frank Shamrock had no winner – including the audience.

The two mma legends indulged each other in 10 minutes of lackluster performance going periodically for guillotines and ankle picks.

Sakuraba v Shamrock – Rizin 2017:


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Sakuraba was a late day replacement for injured Dan Henderson and prefered to work mostly from the clinch but neither came even close to taking the opponent to the ground. When the clock ran out both seemed displeased as did the audience.

Among the more interesting fights on the card was Reina Miura vs Crystal Stokes – Stokes is trained by Ray Elbe coach to Gabi Garcia and Cris Cyborg. Initially when Cyborg was to fight Ronda Rousey Crystal Stokes was brought in to emulate Ronda. Reina came in at quite a size disadvantage and nearly got the sub end of round 1. As a result she was very drained in round 2 and came close to losing. In the end 3 round 3 decided the victor and in it Reina had scored many leg kicks to the body of Stokes ultimately securing decision victory.

elsewhere on Rizin:

Rena Kubota def. Andy Nguyen via KO (R1, 3:23)
Tenshin Nasukawa def. Yamato Fujita via unanimous decision
Kazushi Sakuraba def. Frank Shamrock ends in a draw – grappling
Akiyo Nishiura def. Andy Souwer via unanimous decision
Reina Miura def. Crystal Stokes via unanimous decision
Gabriel Oliveira def. Tatsuya Kawajiri via TKO (R2, 1:00)
Shintaro Ishiwatari def. Akhmed Musakaev via unanimous decision
Kevin Petshi def. Je Soon Moon via split decision
Manel Kape def. Erson Yamamoto via TKO (R1, 1:11)
Roque Martinez def. Jerome LeBanner via submission (scarf hold) (R1, 2:09)
Maria Olveira def. Alyssa Garcia via unanimous decision
Kanna Asakura def. Sylwia Juskiewicz via unanimous decision
Irene Cabello def. Miyuu Yamamoto via submission (armbar) (R2, 2:26)