Rousey’s History of Arrogance Caused Widespread Backlash After UFC 207 Loss

Rousey’s History of Arrogance Caused Widespread Backlash After UFC 207 Loss

Plenty of people have piped in on the recent loss of Ronda Rousey. While many fans are saddened an increasingly large crowd is preoccupied making fun of her loss.
Sure, she may not have been trying to be a crowd-pleaser with some of her attitudes but she was also the only one to be able to demand to be left alone – and to manage to secure it. In a world where many including GSP have ongoing battles with the biggest mma empire – The UFC.

Following Ronda Rousey’s 48 second dismantling at the hand’s of Amanda Nunes, a sea of backlash appeared on the internet.
Below is a roundup of some of the best memes and reactions from after the fight:

Most Brutal Ronda Rousey Memes After Loss To Amanda Nunes

Why do so many fans make fun her of her loss after her second loss? MMA journalist Noah WMMA may have said it best:


“A lot of people have started to dislike Ronda Rousey, after losing her second fight in a row to Amanda Nunes Leoa on December 30th.
A part of this is because people like to see a “star” fall down. But this isn’t the only reasoning as to why people dislike her.

As a passionate MMA fan, I wanted to be able to voice the opinion of long term MMA fans that followed her career before she became a mainstream star.

#Throwback to December 28, 2013 when Rousey successfully defended her UFC bantamweight championship over Miesha Tate in a hard fought three round fight. The crowd were pro Miesha in this fight chanting “Miesha Miesha Miesha”, as well as Boo’ing Ronda. After the fight, Rousey refused to shake Tate’s hand. This came after the pair coached a season of The Ultimate Fighter together.

Fans were not happy with Rousey’s behavior on the show. She constantly displayed a bad attitude for no good reason. Putting her middle finger up at Tate on several occasions (even encouraging her teammates to at one time), trash talking when one of her own fighters lost and so much more. You’ll have to watch the season, it was terrible (her attitude) – she lost a lot of fans after this.

Now let’s take a look at something else. Arianny Celeste, a ring girl for the UFC. Ronda bullied Arianny for a while. The start of this was due to a Maxim’s female hot 100 list. Both Arianny and Ronda were in this list, and Arianny was listed higher/hotter than Ronda. Ronda got asked about this in an interview, and she started bad-mouthing and bullying Arianny for a long while after that. Many fans believed Rousey crossed the line by randomly singling out Celeste. A woman who never bad mouths anyone.

I’m sure everyone remembers the Holly Holm incident. Anyone who is a true fan of MMA will know she is one of the most humble, quiet and polite fighters in the sport. At the UFC 193 weigh-ins prior to the fight, Rousey aggressively charged at Holm. Later she spoke to Joe Rogan accusing Holm of being a fake and saying she’s going to “get it” during the fight. When the two finally faced each other, Rousey refused to touch gloves – walking away in a very arrogant manner. The rest of course is history…

There is of course much more. The list of fighters and celebrities she abused during her reign at top is huge. 90% of these were sudden, random, unprovoked attacks.

The truth of the matter is, Ronda Rousey had shown bitchy behavior for a while towards many people in the world of MMA. The non-MMA media portrays the opposite of this, and since Ronda had a growing fan base bringing new fans to MMA, they all believe this, which upsets MMA fans.

People think that Ronda was the perfect fighter, while she is rather a one-trick-pony, and not a complete fighter. MMA legend Chael Sonnen spoke about this on his podcast yesterday. He says she was at the top of a DEVELOPING division. None of the people she beat are currently in the top five or had accomplished stand-up credentials. Before Nunes, she fought Holly Holm who was ranked at #8 when the fight was first announced – as well as Bethe “Pitbull” Correia who was ranked #9 when the fight was announced. The media portray the opposite of this, and since Ronda has a growing fan base bringing new fans to MMA, they all believe this, which also upsets longtime MMA fans.
There is no doubt Rousey’s arm bars against the opponents she was given when the division was developing helped raise women’s MMA into the mainstream media. However, her attitude once the UFC signed her, which has been largely hidden from the mainstream media who only watch for Rousey and Conor is the reason why a lot of MMA fans and members of the MMA media including Ariel Helwani have not given her any sympathy for her loss.”

Rashad Evans was vocal about Rousey’s attitude and called her arrogant and disrespectful:


In her fight with Holly Holm, she was overconfident and arrogant saying that nobody could be a champ as much as her. Her arrogance was disgusting.

I don’t knock her loyalty to Edmond but at the same time, you need to understand one thing, that’s it’s your opportunity to shine, your spotlight. Your coach can always get new fighters and get another rise to fame but you only have one shot.