Roger Gracie’s Key Concepts for Maintaining a Dominant Mount

Roger Gracie’s Key Concepts for Maintaining a Dominant Mount

Roger Gracie is the undisputed greatest of all time (GOAT) in jiu jitsu. In fact Gracie is so dominant that just past year he managed to submit 10x World Champion Marcos Almeida Buchecha with a choke. Still his old school style of no nonsense bjj isn’t really out there which is why Roger Gracie is sharing bits and peaces.

Most recently he’s shared what are some key concepts for mount retention. So what is the most important?

 The most important thing is you have to secure the mount first and once you comfortable you can spend some time then working on the submission.

Roger elaborated:

 “Usually people have different concepts of approaching the mount. I’ll try to give you a few ideas of things that I’m usually looking for. As soon as I mount someone, before you go for a submission your main concern should be holding the mount. Especially as soon as you mount…

… Two things you have to evolve mainly. There’s two different escapes a person can do – two used the most – the bridge, the upa… or they’ll start pushing you to get your leg into guard. “

To prevent the upa Roger advises keeping a tight pinch with the knees preventing the opponent to insert the elbow. IF the opponent inserts the elbow Roger advises you get to a chair sit position.

To watch the entire amazing video press play below:

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