Roger Gracie: “When Doing Jiu-Jitsu, I Don’t Rely On My Athletic Abilities”

Roger Gracie: “When Doing Jiu-Jitsu, I Don’t Rely On My Athletic Abilities”

Roger Gracie just made his 2nd appearance on the best bjj podcast out there – Grappling Central Podcast.

On what made him retire from competing in both jiu jitsu and mma:

“I wanted to finish my jiu jitsu career but I didn’t want to just finish – to say I’m retired, I’m done. I was looking to do one last fight. No one better than Buchecha we know, we fought a few years ago. It was a draw , it was a very close call. I had to fight him again. ”

Gracie added: “My cousin Kyra called me and I said that’s it. “

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Roger also revealed he loves playing chess and he his least favorite position in bjj is bottom side control!

Interestingly he also went into detail on how he preps for a fight and visualizes.

Gracie also revealed just how things have changed over the years namely how much athleticism the sport now requires and sport and conditioning vs in the old days where it was mostly train hard and occasionally go for a run. However as important as athleticism is Roger says he doesn’t rely on it:

“I don’t rely on my athletic abilities. I’m not the most athletic person out there but I have good athletic conditioning. My athletic abilities are quite good but probably not the most athletic person but I don’t rely there. I don’t rely on my speed or strength I rely on .. it’s step by step. There’s a science behind it. I’m conscious of thinking of the best way to move forward I’m not relying on speed and power. ”

Roger continued: “Physical conditioning matters. You don’t have to have much of an athletic ability you can still be an athlete. You still need to be physically prepared. Back in the day you some some guys who had no athletic abilities win fights but how many fights can he win. He will not win 5,6 hard fights. “

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