Rodolfo Vieira Lists His Top 5 Toughest Opponents So Far

Rodolfo Vieira Lists His Top 5 Toughest Opponents So Far


Photo: Dan Rod

Photo: Dan Rod

In any major tournament, Rodolfo Vieira is a favorite to reach the finals and fight for the title. The GFTeam athlete is used to face great odds and have historical and dramatic finals. In an interview with tatame, the black belt listed the toughest opponents that he has faced in his career.

1.Marcus Buchecha

Encounters with the Checkmat athlete are recurring features in the finals of the major tournaments. In 2013, Rodolfo and Buchecha clashed twice in the absolutes in Abu Dhabi World Pro and the Worlds.

“It is very complicated to move him, he has a good base. In the Worlds I tried to sweep and could not. “

2. Xande Ribeiro

Saulo Ribeiro’s brother is one of the great names in Jiu-Jitsu history. Rodolfo fondly recalls those matches.

“Xande’s got good stand up. I fought him twice, a World final and another at Copa Podio. When you face a guy who has a Jiu-Jitsu like him, that does not stop, does not try to stall, it’s hard to have a bad fight. “

3.Bernardo Faria

The GFTeam athlete has fought against Bernardo in the most important finals. In the finals of the Worlds and the Pan absolute, both in 2011, in Rio, Rodolfo was the winner.

“He has that half-guard that complicates things and is annoying to fight. I’ve faced him so many times already, all in the black belt. We had ​​the World’s final and the Pan, at weight and absolute. “

4.Andre Galvao

In direct confrontations, they are tied at 1-1. But in the most important match, Rodolfo was the winner.

“I faced him twice. When I was in a brown belt in ADCC trials, in 2009, when I lost in the quarterfinals. But then we met again in Abu Dhabi, in the absolute final, in 2012, and this time I won. “

5.Leo Leite

In 2013, Rodolfo and Leo Leite clashed twice with the GFTeam fighter getting the wins both times in particular the absolute semifinal in the Worlds.

“He’s a guy that I never had fought and faced him at the Copa Podio and the Worlds, this year. He is very tough. “