Rickson Gracie Shares His Daily Eating Regimen

Rickson Gracie Shares His Daily Eating Regimen

Rickson Gracie just celebrated his 60th birthday. Various members of his family celebrated the occasion.


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Happy birthday @ricksongraciejj @merfdogg in the back all smiles 🙏

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Still it’s rather impressive to have him looking so vital in spite of an enormous fight record and great many injuries. This prompted Graciemag to inquire about his diet – here’s the diet Rickson follows:


• 1 cup of coffee • 2 slices of bread rich in fiber • 2 thick slices of white cheese

Morning snack

• 1 glass of 500 ml of beaten vitamin with three fruits and 1 spoon of protein powder


• 1 plate of green leaf with 3 tablespoons of cashew nuts

• 1/2 dessert plate of cooked vegetables • 3 tablespoons of brown rice • 1/2 chicken breasts roasted in the oven

Afternoon snack

• 300 g of frozen açaí pulp beaten with: – 1 papaya papaya, 3 dried dates, 3 tablespoons granola

Evening snack

• 1 roast whole cake stuffed with ricotta • 1 cup of 500 ml of beet juice


• 1 omelet made with 5 egg whites and 2 egg yolks • 1 large boiled sweet potato


• 2 slices of brown bread • 2 thick slices of white cheese • 10 chopped oranges

In addition to the recipes, the band also emphasizes the importance of not abusing red meat, exchanging common breads and cereals with whole grains, more complete in fiber, total abolition of sugar, replaced with dried fruit like dates, and no sausages , such as ham and sausages, which are stuffed with sodium.

Another tip is with the vegetables. In traditional cooking, much of the nutrients are in the water. Prefer to steam them.

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