Review: Oli Geddes’ Footlock Mastery Instructional

Review: Oli Geddes’ Footlock Mastery Instructional



Oli Geddes Foot Lock Mastery Instructional is exceptional! Footlocks are quite popular nowadays but many other instructionals feature too many adjustments and an incoherent lesson plan. Much to our delight, this instructional came with a clear listing of techniques that can be linked together and top notch production.

Oli Geddes, the author of this video, is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt under Roger Gracie. London born, Geddes is an experienced competitor under the IBJJF rules and many of his victories have come by way of straight ankle lock.

Foot Lock Mastery covers both the conceptual and the practical! Besides, it is unique in it’s focus on modern bjj setups for leg locks in a Gi. It’s also worth mentioning that this video is featuring IBJJF legal techniques.

The entire instructional is just over an hour (67 minutes). Large chunks of it are dedicated to the ankle lock, the 50/50 leg lock options, overhook x guard sweeps and various footlock entries. And Geddes offers a variety of options for finishing an opponent – depending on the method he chooses to defend himself.

This video will enable you to design a successful gameplan centering around a straight ankle lock, and it will give you options to submit, transition or even sweep. Singular point of focus will let you integrate these techniques into your system seamlessly, especially if you’re a guard player.

There is no filler- Geddes smoothly transitions from one chapter to the next. The time efficient approach pays off because during 67 minutes Oli Geddes manages to cover more than 30 segments in a concise detailed manner.

It is the most complete instructional made about ankle locks. There’s plenty of details that will help you improve your technique regardless of your level of experience.

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List of Chapters featured on Foot Lock Mastery Instructional:

The Ankle Lock As A Position
The Importance Of The Shell
Ankle Lock Finishing Theory
Ankle Lock Turning To The Knees Finish
Turning To The Knees To Top Position
Ankle Lock To Crossover To Leg Drag
Outside Hook Ankle Lock Theory & Basic Finish
Outside Hook Ankle Lock Turning To the Knees
50/50 Theory & Use
Breaking The Defensive 50/50 Knee Push
50/50 Basic Ankle Lock Finish
50/50 Calf Crush
50/50 Reverse Grip Finish
50/50 Outside Leg Finish
Standing Ankle Lock Control Theory
Standing Ankle Lock Cross Sweep
Standing Ankle Lock Double Ankle Sweep
Standing Outside Hook Tripod Sweep
Standing Outside Hook Overhead Sweep
Overhook X Guard Transition Theory
Overhook X Guard Angle Change To Ankle Lock Topple
Overhook X Guard Tripod Sweep
Overhook X Guard Waiter Sweep
Overhook X Guard Getting The Near Sleeve
Overhook X Guard Near Sleeve Single Leg Stand Up
Overhook X Guard Near Sleeve Overhead Sweep
Overhook X Guard Far Sleeve Drag Down Sweep
Entering The Footlock From The Knees
Entering The Footlock From Shin To Shin Guard
Entering The Footlock From Half Guard / 93 Guard
Entering The Footlock From Spider Guard
Entering The Footlock Leandro Lo Sweep From Spider Guard Entry
Entering The Footlock Basic Entry From Top Position
Ankle Lock Defence Moving To Top Position
Ankle Lock Defence The Scoot
Standing Ankle Lock Defense Back Step To Side Control