Renzo Gracie’s Interaction with a Homeless Woman Will Melt Your Heart

Renzo Gracie’s Interaction with a Homeless Woman Will Melt Your Heart

Renzo Gracie is one of the most charismatic and well loved people in Jiu-Jitsu. With Renzo, what you see is what you get and he will always speak his mind, even if it might get him in trouble:

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Renzo, the bad boy of bjj is nothing if not temperamental but his good heart and his never-ending legacy make him both loved and feared. For Renzo, anything less than a submission is unsatisfactory. It’s no secret that Renzo is also an amazing coach. His students include John Danaher, Matt Serra and Gunnar Nelson, to name a few.

A good example of how kind Renzo is how he acts when the camera is not filming. IG user d35513 was able to see this first hand:

Walking around Manhattan last night and we bump into Renzo Gracie on the street. He greets us as we are his friend for 10 years and chats to us. I beggar comes up and asks him for money, instead of dismissing them he chats to her the same way he did with us, gives her money a kiss and a hug. What a gentleman 🙏 #Renzogracie#sbgcharlestown

Renzo answered:

Thank you my brothers I didn’t see you guys filming that 🙏🏼🙏🏼😃😃

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