Renzo Gracie’s Favorite Escape From Knee on Belly

Renzo Gracie’s Favorite Escape From Knee on Belly

Being stuck on bottom in knee on belly is bad news. It’s one of the most dangerous positions to be in. Not only does having either a knee or shin on your chest or belly really hurt, you also have to defend incoming attacks such as collar chokes, baseball chokes, armbars and even leg locks…

BJJ’s most loved figure Renzo Gracie was last weekend in Zurich, Switzerland at the Frota Academy where he held a fantastic seminar.

Renzo showed the students a fantastic array of techniques and told countless funny stories from his career fighting and competing all over the world.

One of the techniques that blew away the crowd was this simple counter to the common knee on belly.

Renzo said that he feels that is the best escape as it requires very little effort and will always unbalance your opponent.


A key point is to use the knee that is the nearest to your opponent to hit him on the butt.

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