Reach Your 2019 Fitness Goals! 5 Simple Yoga Routines You NEED to Try

Reach Your 2019 Fitness Goals! 5 Simple Yoga Routines You NEED to Try

Is getting in better shape one of your 2019 resolutions? If so, click here to learn about 5 simple and fulfilling yoga routines that should help!

When you think of yoga, peaceful music and relaxation come to mind. But, that’s not the only thing you get with more modern yoga routines. These days, you can find yoga in a variety of themes and intensity.

Yoga has been around for more than 5,000 years, and it’s not going anywhere. It’s evolving. But, yoga tradition is still a part of each evolution.

Yoga is no longer a relaxation and stretching technique, alone. You can see real results, and get in better shape than ever with these yoga routines!

5 Simple Yoga Routines You NEED to Try

Don’t get stuck in a yoga rut! Varied exercise is what keeps you active and interested. There are plenty of routines to try.

Here are some of the best!

1. Align and Flow Routines

Yoga can be beautiful, relaxing and max out your workout potential, too. A style like Vinyasa Flow may be the thing for you!

You’ll lengthen and tone muscles with these poses. Don’t even think about lying down on your mat, either. They’re meant to flow from one to the next.

These poses flow with elegance and grace. They form a routine that gets your heart rate up and focuses your mind, all at once.

2. High Burn Routines

Heard of Hot Yoga or Hard Yoga? If not, you’re missing out!

Hot Yoga puts you in a hot, humid environment. Then, you pose! Expect to sweat as your body temp rises and you move from one to the next.

Hard Yoga uses newer techniques. Routines like Barre, Pilates and Yoga Sculpt increase the intensity of the workout. You’ll tone and sculpt muscles with these routines!

You’ll need to visit a yoga studio or get an online subscription for guidance in these routines.

3. Stretch Routines

This approach to yoga blends muscle work with the traditional. Stretching with resistance can improve flexibility and build strength.

Hold poses longer to lengthen and work muscles. Here are a few good ones.

Downward Dog

Three Legged Dog

Warrior I

Extended Side Angle

One Legged Prayer


Childs Pose 

Look for a routine that integrates them in a way that flows well.

4. Balance Routines

Improving your balance can benefit any workout. Using yoga to improve balance is a workout in itself.

Poses that make you stand on one foot or change your center of balance are great. One Legged Prayer, Crescent Lunge and Warrior poses are all good choices for this.

If you cycle, lift weights or rock climb, there’s no better way to add balance skill to your athletics than yoga.

5. Restorative Routines

Know what helps you lose weight and train with focus? The right frame of mind!

That’s why restorative yoga can be exactly what you need to get an edge in your workout routine. Find your mental balance and reset mindfulness with these yoga poses!

Childs Pose

Sun Salutation

The Mountain

Downward Dog

Halfway Lift

Remember, you need a focused mind to keep your fitness goals on track! Do these restorative poses to keep calm and on the path to your goals.

Turn Your Inner Yogi On!

Don’t rule out yoga routines when it comes to achieving your fitness goals. Many can burn, build and sculpt as well as other forms of exercise.

Expand your workout. Try a new yoga routine, today!

Need to talk about fitness? Contact us, here!

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