Quintet 2 Results: Team Carpe Diem Wins Team Grappling Tourney

Quintet 2 Results: Team Carpe Diem Wins Team Grappling Tourney

Quintet is a Kuzushi Sakuraba promotional grappling tournament that kicked off in April. Having made it to UFC Fight Pass the 2nd edition of the event went in a slightly softer direction.

Featured teams were:

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Team Carpe Diem secured the victory over Team Haleo in the final round – having previously eliminated the other two teams.




Full results via bloodyelbow.com:

Full Results – Quintet Fight Night

Match 1: Team Carpe Diem vs. Team Tokoguro Plus Alpha

Daisuke Sugie and Seiichiro Ito – Draw

David Garmo and Masakazu Imanari – Draw

Yoshihiko Matsumoto and Hideo Tokoro – Draw

Tomoshige Sera and Naoyuki Kotani – Draw

Masahiro Iwasaki and Takumi Yano – Draw

Team Carpe Diem advances via referee’s decision.

Match 2: Team U-Zukido vs. Team Haleo

Kazuki Tokudome defeated Hikaru Sato via choke

Kazuki Tokudome defeated Manabu Inque via injury DQ

Kazuki Tokudome and Masayuki Hamagishi – Draw

Masanori Kanehara defeated Victor Henry via foot lock

Daisuke Nakamura defeated Masanori Kanehara via are bar

Roberto Souza defeated Daisuke Nakamura via rear naked choke

Team Haleo advances with three remaining grapplers.

Final Match: Team Carpe Diem vs. Team Haleo

Daisuke Sugie defeated Michihiro Omigawa via arm bar

Kazuyuki Miyata defeated Daisuke Sugie via kimura

David Garmo defeated Kazuyuki Miyata via knee bar

Roberto Souza defeated David Garmo via rear naked choke

Roberto Souza defeated Yoshihiko Matsumoto via rear naked choke

Masahiro Iwasaki and Roberto Souza ends in a draw

Tomoshige Sera defeated Kazuki Tokudome via arm bar

Tomoshige Sera and Masanori Kanehara ends in a draw.

Team Carpe Diem wins via penalty points.

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