Pub Manager Gets Choked Out With Ezekiel Choke In an Uncalled For Incident

Pub Manager Gets Choked Out With Ezekiel Choke In an Uncalled For Incident

Pub Manager Molly Phillips, 24, collapsed to the floor after a colleague – a chef at the place she works at applied an ezekiel choke on her.

The incident at the Cameo Club in Cardiff, where the pair both worked, was caught on CCTV. And was first reported in dailymail.

The tribunal heard that burly Mr Webb was arrested over the incident but released under investigation and remained employed by the Cameo Club after the incident.

Phillips was so traumatized by the experience she as fearing she had a stroke.

The morning after the bash, she woke up and noticed she had slight facial palsy but was baffled as to why.

Fearing she was having a stroke, she went to the doctors but was told her injuries were ‘either caused by lack of oxygen or nerve damage’.

The incident made Phillips feel disposable as the management of the club took no actions to protect her or fire the man in question.

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