Polaris 4 Recap & Matches We’d Love To See In Future

Polaris 4 Recap & Matches We’d Love To See In Future



Polaris Pro just concluded it’s 4th event! A truly thrilling spectacle had plenty of actions and a couple of submissions to boot.

The first fight of the card was between Tom Breese and Ben Dyson. Tom Breese is one of UFC’s competitors who have elected to appear in the event.

Prior to appearing at Polaris Breese trained some under the watchful eye of Tristar magician Firas Zahabi. This had opened the doors for him to roll with the Renzo Gracie crew.

Prior to the fight Tom Breese told sherdog:

“I’ve always wanted to compete in jiu-jitsu and always did but at a lower level,” he said. “Now [because] I’m a better grappler than I was and I have some popularity fighting in the UFC, I’ve been given opportunities to compete on the biggest grappling events. I first trained with Gordon in NYC and then asked him to come to Tristar to help me prepare for my UFC fights and built a good friendship. Training with him has really improved my grappling and my confidence, that’s for sure.”

Indeed his game plan was very solid. He took Dyson down not once but on 3 separate occasions. Dyson wasn’t easy to crack but constant threats and a couple of solid submission attempt factored heavily into the result – Tom Breese via ref’s decision.

The 2nd fight of the night was the only main card fight to feature a female combination.

We got to see how Dominyka Obelenyte is doing following her move from Marcelo Garcia Academy. She dominated the Britain based Yas Wilson and won via decision.

The 3rd fight was a war between Eduardo Rios and Charles Negromonte. The two were quite exciting to watch. Plenty of takedowns and submission attempts. The fight definitely amped up and the last 5 minutes featured a flying guillotine attempt that wasn’t as well as a very close kneebar attempt in final seconds. The match went to Negromonte via decision.

Nathan Orchard and Imanari were on the following fight. Orchard had made 68kg at Imanari’s request. Sadly even preparing with Eddie Wolverine didn’t help Imanari and he ended up being caught in a RNC.

Jackson Souza vs Dillon Danis was next. Jackson started off slightly more dominant. The two wrestled quite a bit before Danis started hitting his stride and following a very tight arm in guillotine on the very edge of mats managed to close a heel hook.

AJ Agazarm was fairly dominant against the Japan born Minowa. AJ did some good transitions utilizing maximum control. He went to a triangle choke with the far arm grip following knee on belly.

Following victory he also signified he’s coming for Ralek Gracie’s scalp next whether it be in Bellator or elsewhere.

Garry Tonon vs Gilbert Burns lived upto the hype. Much heavier Burns was quite dominant especially in the beginning. Garry Tonon kept calm and defended like heck when Burns got his back. Some time after he jumped at a chance to land a heel hook and it paid off because Burns was forced to tap following exciting scramble.

The final fight of the night was the overdue rematch between Vitor Shaolin Ribeiro and Fernando Terere. Terere was quite on point having dominated and even secured a takedown. The high level game was quite apparent to all spectators. The two were grip fighting like their life depended on it while Terere managed to work off a couple of his trademark passes. Having spent the majority of the fight in dominant positions, Terere was declared a victor when he time ran out with no submission.

As for the fights we’d like to see in the future AJ Agazarm vs Ralek Gracie seems like an inevitability at this point  It might not be the smartest for AJ to uphold his word and secure the fight at Bellator as much as it would be a great match for Polaris 5.

Having seen Terere come back to the big scene in style it certainly wouldn’t hurt to see him combat another bjj legend – Leo Vieira. One other possibility with epic ramifications would be seeing the legend Marcelo Garcia go up against one of the only people who managed to challenge him, perhaps the only one in his weight class.

Gordon Ryan vs Dillon Danis seems like a no brainer as well! Where there’s will, there’s a way…. Ryan was quick to put out a taunt.


Sun never sets on a pimp. #sunglassesinside

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One more matchup we’d be anxious to see would be Davi Ramos vs Garry Tonon. The ADCC champ means business and it would be truly thrilling to see him endanger Garry’s icecold calculating strategic approach.

What did you like about Polaris? Are there any other matchups you’d love to see in the future?