Paddy Pimblett Taps To Electric Chair & Injures His Hip Flexor

Paddy Pimblett Taps To Electric Chair & Injures His Hip Flexor

Anyone who has been caught in the Lockdown can attest to how frustrating it is to get out, let alone to pass the guard. If you try forcing your leg out, you can end up hurting your knee, or if you decide to move your body forward, you will most certainly find yourself in the electric chair or electric sweep. Luckily, in the age of the internet, most solutions can be found only a click away. When doing a quick search on YouTube, several videos are featuring prominent world-class black belt instructors showing different variations of an easy escape. But, do these escapes really work against a Lockdown specialist?

The Lockdown

To the unaccustomed eye, the Lockdown is someone using two legs to trap one of the opponent’s legs, followed by a stretching motion for control, creating an uncomfortable, rather painful feeling of entrapment.
However, according to Lockdown specialist Magnus Hansson, black belt under Master Eddie Bravo – founder of the 10th Planet system, and 3rd degree blackbelt under Duda Suares, the Lockdown is much more than just the leg connection.
“Many people believe that the Lockdown is just the leg connection, but they are very, very wrong.”
Magnus continues to explain that the Lockdown incorporates four specific elements, such as leg connection, upper body control, an over-hook game, and an under-hook game.

The Electric Sweep

The Electric sweep is just one of the many successful 10th Planet techniques covered in the world’s most complete Lotus Lockdown instructional.

UFC fighter and 1st degree BJJ black belt was recently caught in an electric chair by his teammate. Pimblett’s was put in a very bad position and felt his hip flexor pop. He had to tap in order to avoid further injury since he is fighting in the UFC in March.

This was king of the mat at Pimblett’s home academy. Those were the 2 last people in the competition. Prior to this they submitted over 12 people each to reach the end without breaks.

You can watch the sequence here, time stamped at 8:16min

Magnus Hansson, 3rd-degree blackbelt under Duda Suares (Gi) and Eddie Bravo’s 1st European blackbelt shows everything there is to know about the Lockdown in a Gi with new revolutionary details. Modified from its original, the Lotus Lockdown will change the way you approach this powerful half-guard. Let the Lotus Lockdown be your solution: