Opinion: Why I Won’t Be Returning To BJJ When Academies Re-Open

Opinion: Why I Won’t Be Returning To BJJ When Academies Re-Open

Written by Raphaël Lévy of Jits.fr

I’ll be honest with you: I’m not going back to train when BJJ academies re-open. . Or at least not under “normal” conditions.

In France, where I live, on July 11th 2020, combat sports at the amateur level and in recreational practice was again authorized.

But now, I am not convinced that everything is done for the safety of practitioners (and the general population).

The current situation is misleading. Lockdown and the measures put in place post-lockdown (masks, physical distancing, hand washing, etc.) have made it possible to return to an acceptable situation where one can leave home without too much risk (if one follows all instructions) . However, there has been no miracle, the virus has not disappeared, no cure or vaccine has yet been found, and it will come back in full force as soon as we let our guard down a bit.

The first epidemic peak has passed, we are at the bottom of the wave.

Personally, I did not anticipate such a rapid recovery under these conditions, for one simple reason: the situation is changing, more or less, as in the most probable scenario, that is to say that the next resurgence of the virus is to be expected within probably a few months. It is a safe bet that the resumption of sports activities such as BJJ strongly participates in the return of the virus.

I will not come back due to the total incompatibility of physical distancing with our practice of BJJ.

The reasons for the government’s decision to return to normal can be multiple: pressure from different sports federations, incomprehension because of other equally risky activities, need of the population to return to a normal life …

One of the things that has changed, however, is that at first the virus was just a rumor. We heard about the man who saw the man who saw the bear. But over the months, it got closer, and we started to hear stories from people closer to us (maybe you’ve contracted it yourself?) And with that, its share of horrors , suffering and sometimes death.

So, unless I can train with two or three people, the same each time, in a spotless room to avoid the risks as much as possible, I will not venture there. It just isn’t worth it. For my part, my wife is expecting our second child, and now is not the time to bring this virus home. But you have to have someone dear to you who you want to keep away from illness.

I’m not here to lecture you, you’re probably starting to get sick of this business . But as the director of the publication of Jits France, I wanted to point out to you that the decision to go to train, although the practice is authorized in France to date (for how long?), you will take it in your soul and conscience while knowing that your decision could be very expensive for you or one of your close relations.

Also note that some academies have decided to wait at least until next September to reassess the situation and consider resuming.

While waiting for better days, take care of yourself!