Nicky Rod’s Back Roll Back Escape That Frustrated Gordon Ryan

Nicky Rod’s Back Roll Back Escape That Frustrated Gordon Ryan

If somebody takes your back, you’ve got a number of ways to escape at your disposal. However, most of these setups don’t have much more other than the „escape“ itself in mind; that is, to escape into a neutral or a less lousy position.
In other words, most of back escape techniques will leave you in a reactive position yet again, not in a domineering one.

But we have a surprise! The great Nick Rodriguez has something special in store for you: a way to escape the back that he kept doing to Gordon Rodriguez back in the day when they were still teammates at Danaher Death Squad.

Rodriguez escapes to the side and then grabs his opponent’s head and back flips over him and ends up on top in north south position.

John Danaher talked this exact escape on the Joe Rogan’s podcast.

Rodriguez did this to Gordon and Gordon was enraged, stopped what he was doing and looked at Danaher and asked him “So, what the heck do I do if that happens?”

Rodriguez recently expressed his wish to face Gordon Ryan in the upcoming future. To test his limits against him; and he’s hopeful that the opportunity to do so will come during the ADCC 2022 Championships.

Here’s what he had to say:

An ADCC match-up with Gordon is very likely. I’m enjoying the anticipation of this match. I believe everything I have to offer is up to par with the best in the world. A guy like Gordon is the perfect kind of competitor to test my limits, test my capabilities. He’s been a practice partner that I’ve been accustomed to rolling with since the beginning, since I first wet my feet in this sport.
I’ve always chased the best, I’ve always wanted to compete against the best, I’ve always wanted to be the best, so this is my road to doing that.

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