Nicholas Meregali: “It’s Not About Money – Skills Come First & They Will Last Forever”

Nicholas Meregali: “It’s Not About Money – Skills Come First & They Will Last Forever”

So you want to create a name for yourself, right? Be it in grappling or some other field…
You want to be known as that guy/woman. As someone who is respected and, in a way, maybe even feared by others.

How are you supposed to achieve this, though?
Well, Nicholas Meregali has the solution: focus on your skills.

Meregali shared why that’s the case in a recent social media post:

In nature, animals fear (respect) the stronger animal because they know that there is a chance of dying in the jungle environment.
In a society of human beings, fear/respect is based on how great you do what you do.

He explained that it’s always about skill:

No matter which environment you are part of, how much money you make, or how you look, skills/status will always come first and they will last forever.

How many people have you met in your life who are already retired, but their stories, skills, and status are still bringing respect/fear to the table?
Well this situation happens all the time and it is not based on money; money is tradeable, but skill and status are not.

Meregali concluded by emphasizing the importance of aiming for greatness:

You will always be a world champion, a great doctor, a great teacher, a great master chef, a great soldier, whatever great you do, people will respect you.

People being feared and feeling protected comes from their ability to be great at doing something.
Do you want to protect yourself and your family? Be great.


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