Mikey Musumeci’s Uplifting Message: “You Are Not Alone”

Mikey Musumeci’s Uplifting Message: “You Are Not Alone”

Mikey Musumeci is one of the most elite BJJ athletes in the world today. He’s been stacking wins left and right, lately mostly in the ONE Championship events – but he hasn’t done so without going through many hurdles.
One of the hurdles was a battle with depression… And Musumeci wants to use his journey and fight against it as a beacon of light for others.

He shared his uplifting message in a recent social media post:

Life is a constant battle; everyday we are battling our demons, they can feel paralyzing and make us lose our hope, but they make us stronger, they make us grow so much!

In life and society, we are instructed to show everyone how happy we are, how amazing peoples lives are.
This can isolate you and make you feel even more alone when you are struggling.

Just remember you are NEVER alone.

Musumeci went on to share more of his thoughts and feelings:

It’s ok to be vulnerable, and there are so many people struggling along side you as well.

I show my vulnerabilities to the world for that reason.
I want/hope to inspire people that struggle with depression like myself to stay strong and to have faith.

No matter how long you’re in darkness you will see light again. Life is a blessing.
We must be grateful and be patient that everything will work out!!

Anyone struggling with depression once again I say this: YOU ARE NEVER ALONE!


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