Mike Perry Blames Loss On Getting Caught Up in Cowboy Cerrone Creonting from JacksonWink

Mike Perry Blames Loss On Getting Caught Up in Cowboy Cerrone Creonting from JacksonWink

Donald Cowboy Cerrone put on an amazing show over the weekend – at the 25 year anniversary of UFC’s existence. He managed to submit Mike Perry albeit in spite of initial reports he didn’t break his arm.

Cerrone confirmed Perry’s tweet during his backstage interview with reporters.

“I felt it pop before I went belly down,” Cerrone said. “The rest was just tearing a chicken wing off. I was taking it home with me.”

Subsequently Perry said he’ll be distancing himself from the famed gym as he believes he was fighting a fight that didn’t necessarily star him as the main player.

“Listen, I’m gonna tell you something here and it’s gonna sound crazy. I’m not gonna take nothing away from Cowboy. He won fair and square. But I felt like I was staring defeat in the face that night. I felt like, you know, okay, if it had gone the other way, they would’ve been like, oh, Cowboy had all the pressure. But me, I was fighting a fight that wasn’t my fight, it was JacksonWink versus Cowboy Cerrone,” Perry told Submission Radio.

“So, it was my coaching that took my body over. It was something, the way that we trained that I was ending up with takedowns on people. And then their Jiu Jitsu wasn’t the level of Cowboy Cerrone to counter me. So, I think I stared defeat in the face that night and I got in the cage anyways. I felt like I was gonna lose before I ever walked in. Maybe that’s just because I lost now, but I just felt like everything was against me. And it was just to make me stronger. I felt like I learned more from that loss than I would’ve ever learned from a win.”

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