Maynard Crying Wolf Over Ryan Hall Fight: Asks For Penalty when dropping On Ground

Maynard Crying Wolf Over Ryan Hall Fight: Asks For Penalty when dropping On Ground



The seasoned veteran Gray Maynard is not over his Ryan Hall loss. Not by a long shot. Maynard wasn’t too thrilled with the match to start with, back in August when the fight was set he predicted Hall would:

“He’s going to throw stupid kicks, and I’m going to hit him a couple of times, he dives, I get out of the way,” Maynard wrote in a text. “Repeat. LOL.”

In what Maynard referred to as a novelty fight, Hall came out on top never taking any damage and got the decision.

Now Maynard is crying over the rules and asking for clarifications of MMA rules and if he should change his entire game based on what happened:

“Maybe he’s changing up game,” Maynard told MMAjunkie. “He didn’t take any damage. He didn’t really take any risk, either. So if you can do that, of course other people are going to do that.”

Hall was adamant he was planning to engage either on ground or dealing with kicks on foot. But Maynard has a bitter pill to swallow:

“I was going into that fight with a complete different set of rules. I just don’t understand how you can be allowed to run from exchanges, or drop to the ground when I do catch up and not be penalized.

Interestingly prior to the fight Maynard and his coach made sure with the referee that Hall wouldn’t be able to repeatedly flop on the mat without point deductions for timidity.


There were no penalties in said fight but Hall didn’t even get a hard warning. Maynard is still frustrated though somehow believing that it’s ok for him to avoid Jiu-Jitsu but not for Hall to avoid a boxing exchange.

“I’m not going to say, ‘Get in your best spot,’ he said. “Why do I have to play that one game? If that’s the only game, why do I have to play it without him putting in any effort?”

“He started off saying, ‘It was the right thing. Hey, he’s a great grappler, and he’s going to do that. He was throwing the kicks. Obviously, it didn’t hurt you, but you could have gone down to a knee and thrown an elbow.’ I’m like, ‘I understand, but why did he get to dictate where this fight goes without putting forth absolutely no effort?’ And then he said, ‘Oh yeah, well, it was just a horrible matchup.’”


The head in charge at UFC (Bennett) didn’t respond to a request for comment. Decisions are rarely reversed unless there’s some sort of clerical error or incorrect application of the rules by the ref.

Maynard went on to say he believes Hall will have a hard time finding a next opponent.

“I definitely wish I would have known the rules better, and if that’s how the rules are, I don’t see anybody taking that fight,”





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