How To Make Sure Your Jiu-Jitsu Is Improving When You Can Only Do 2 Sessions A Week

How To Make Sure Your Jiu-Jitsu Is Improving When You Can Only Do 2 Sessions A Week

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Improving your bjj is quite hard and takes an extraordinary amount of effort, as evidenced by the fact it takes about 10 years on average to receive the highest ranking – the brazilian jiu jitsu black belt.

Many factors contribute to this fact, among them the need to keep up training constantly and consistently. Now even without injuries this can often present a unique challenge as the average bjj practitioner is often already working and in his mid 20s by the time they catch the bug. This is of course changing with the new generation rising up through the ranks but it’s a fact of life for now. So what can you do to improve in those situations when you can only do 2 training sessions a week?

Multiple time world champion Bernardo Faria recently recommended jiu-jitsu as a way to improve your cardio – the single most important one.


Tuesday I filmed a technique with Demian Maia @demianmaia for my youtube channel “Bernardo Faria BJJ”. It was a huge pleasure to have him on my channel. Im a big fan of him and all that he has done in the MMA and BJJ. But Im even more fan of the person he is. Humble, friendly, honest and hard worker. Thanks Demian. Soon it will be up on my channel and on my blog www.bernardofaria.com Ossssss – Terça Feira eu tive o imenso prazer e privilegio de filmar uma posicao com Demian @demianmaia para o meu canal do youtube. Sou um grande fan de tudo q ele tem feito no MMA e fez no Jiu-Jitsu. Mas sou ainda mais fan da pessoa que ele é: Humilde, Simples e trabalhador… Em breve estarei postando no meu canal do youtube “Bernardo Faria BJJ” e tambem no meu blog: www.bernardofaria.com Ossssss #demianmaia #ufc #bjjfanatics @bjjsuperdeals #bjj #jiujitsu #bernardofaria

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Yet there are some situations where the person finds themselves unable to fit it into a schedule or if more classes are simply not offered.

Faria recommends activities similar to jiu-jitsu – running among others. There’s an activity you can always do completely on your own.

Try to supplement your bjj training with running, lifting weights, swimming and even crossfit. Although Faria recommends caution when it comes to cross fit due to injuries.


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