Mackenzie Dern Teaches Her World Famous ‘Chokoplata’

Mackenzie Dern Teaches Her World Famous ‘Chokoplata’

BJJ and ADCC world champion Mackenzie Dern let everyone in on the secrets of her unique sub – the chokoplata aka rnc transition from omoplata that seems to be working in both high level ibjjf and mma.

But Mackenzie Dern herself just offered up a very handy explanation with plenty of details involved.

This is a setup that in a gi she typically goes for from the spider guard. From there Dern lets the right leg fall to attack the omoplata!


From there she posts the other foot on the ground in order to hip escape and get parallel to the opponent.

From the omoplata position it’s crucial to climb while keeping the leg very heavy on top of the shoulder and lock the hip preventing the roll out escape.

If the opponent rolls trying to ease the pressure, roll with making sure to bring the shoulder with you and using the free hand to attack the neck.

From there you’d only need to snatch up the lapel for the bjj version and secure the choke. You can check out the entire thing below!

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