Mackenzie Dern Isn’t Interested In Training Between Fight Camps

Mackenzie Dern Isn’t Interested In Training Between Fight Camps

While the weekend’s UFC may have birthed a star in Mackenzie Dern some troubling reports surfaced following her latest weigh in debacle.
The bjj star who was also sponsored by a scale company is reportedly aiming for a short but incredibly successful career in the UFC saying:

“I definitely don’t want to be in here for 10 years. I would like to get the belt for sure. Maybe the belt on the 125 division. After to have like 2 belts, you know. Defend my title sometimes but definitely don’t want to be taking my punches in the face and all these things”


Now none of this is particularly surprising to those who have been following the star, what’s very surprising is the following. Bleacher report did an article on Dern prior to her latest bout and a journalist that went and met up with Dern was JE Snowden. Snowden would go on to tweet the following – and then delete it.

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Snowden had interviewed Dern while she was still at MMA Lab and the headcoach – who had asked her to leave then said to Bleacher report:

“She’s so well-known because of her social media following and her jiu-jitsu career that people want to judge her,” Crouch says. “It’s extreme both ways. ‘Oh, she’s the greatest thing ever.’ ‘No, she’s terrible.’ You don’t necessarily want to finish everybody in 10 seconds early in your career. Things get hard, and all the sudden you don’t know how to fight back.

“I just see her getting better. She’s a ferocious competitor when the lights come on.”

She added in the same interview:

“I’m not that tall. I have curves you know? I go on the scale and people say, ‘Oh man, she’s thick,'” Dern says with a laugh. “Even at 115 pounds, I have curves. Many women fighters, when they cut weight, they look like skeletons. I guess it’s the Brazilian in me.”


Dern said herself she’s looking to take a break following this bout, she’s already fought 7 times in  a year’s span while a typical mma fighter does around 4 fights.

Meanwhile Dern is scheduled to appear at an amazing camp –  undefeated UFC fighter and multiple World and ADCC Champion Mackenzie Dern will be leading a BJJ/grappling camp in Barcelona, Spain 29,30 june, 01 july 2018.

To learn more about the camp click here.