Life Of A BJJ Player In A Series Of Funny Animated GIFs

Life Of A BJJ Player In A Series Of Funny Animated GIFs



Here are a series of funny GIFs that illustrate the life of a BJJ player: From training, to competing, to getting promoted, to social life. This was translated to English from French website www.espritjjb.com. Enjoy!

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When you really really don’t want to go training.
Quand tu n'as vraiment pas envie d'aller t'entraîner



When you are late for your BJJ lesson and you try to sneak in.
Quand tu es en retard en cours de JJB


When the professor is just waiting for you to do the greetings
Quand le prof n'attends que toi pour le salut

When you go train and tell yourself « Tonight, I’m not taping out… »
Quand tu décides de ne pas taper aujourd'hui


When you see a new and pretty cute girl in your BJJ class…

Quand tu vois une nouvelle fille mignonne au cours de JJB


… And when you’re the only one left to roll with her.
Quand il ne reste que toi pour tourner avec la jolie fille



When the only one left to roll with you is the biggest guy of your academy…
Quand il ne reste plus que le gros du club pour tourner avec toi

… And when he sees that you’re the only one left to roll with.
Quand le gros du club sait qu'il ne reste que toi pour tourner


When you taste knee on belly for the first time.
Genou sur l'estomac pour la première fois

 When the professor finally announces a break.

Quand le prof annonce enfin une pause



When you stay too long in the mount position on the big guy who outweighs you by 80 pounds (true story).
Quand tu es en position montée sur le gros du club



When you try to replicate a technique a brown belt showed you.
Quand tu essayes de faire une technique montrée par une ceinture marron


When your professor tells you to do 50 pushups… and you realise he’s not joking
Quand ton prof te dire de faire 100 pompes et qu'il ne rigole pas



When you finally pull out the submission you’ve been working on for months…
Quand tu passes enfin ta soumission


…And when your partner tells you he wasn’t ready.
Quand ton partenaire te dit qu'il n'était pas prêt


When a less experienced student gives you lessons about your favorite technique.
Quand un élève te fait la leçon sur ta technique favorite


When you defend like your life is on the line during the entire sparring session and the professor tells you there’s only 20 seconds left.
Quand tu défends tout un randori et qu'il ne reste que 20 secondes à tenir


When you learn berimbolo for the first time.
Quand on t'explique la berimbolo pour la première fois


How you react when the professor realizes you’re talking when he’s showing a technique
Quand le prof remarque que tu parles pendant le cours de JJB


When a guy tells you all about his life story in the changing room while you’re lacing your shoes.
Quand un mec raconte sa vie dans les vestiaires



When you come back home after your first BJJ training sessions.
Quand tu rentres après tes premiers entrainements de Jiu Jitsu Brésilien



When you realise the day after your training that you forgot your BJJ gi in your bag again.
Quand tu te rends compte le lendemain que tu as oublié ton kimono dans ton sac



When it’s your first time competing in a BJJ tournament.
When you participate in your first competition


When you’re 2 kilos over the weight limit on the morning of your competition.
When you exceed 500g in the morning of a competition



When your division’s fights start in 4 hours.
When fighting your class starts in 4 hours



When you lead an advantage by 30 seconds before the end of the fight.
When you lead an advantage to 30 seconds from the end



When a student who’s training for a Shorter time gets Promoted before you …
When a less experienced student spends a belt rank before you.

And when to you realized you Will Be ble to whip him hard.
When you go to the whip with your belt in BJJ


When you finally get Promoted.
When you receive your new belt in BJJ



When it’s your turn to whip your buddies.
When it is your turn to beat your friends at JJB


When your little cousin who has a karate black belt makes fun of you…
When your cousin starts to taunt you with his black belt in karate


And…He Doesn’t know when to stop.
When your cousin will not stop to taunt you.



How people react When you say you’re doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
When you say you do Jiu Jitsu


 When your girlfriend / boyfriend forcefully hugs your head When You Have a cauliflower ear building up.

When your girlfriend caress the head while you have a cabbage grows


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