League Winner BJJ Pro Offering Major Prizes For Athletes

League Winner BJJ Pro Offering Major Prizes For Athletes



The Grappling world has been quite exciting lately! The latest competition to offer prestigious awards is League Winner BJJ Pro.

League’s goal is to change the trajectory of amateur athletes! They aim to make a difference and give amateur athletes an opportunity to compete for sponsorship. Changing the lives of 8 lucky individuals in 2016 alone is their goal. They’d like to pave the path to success for the most talented and enable them to fulfill their dreams.




Fights Under This banner will last 5 minutes tops, they will feature 4 categories:

White belt

Blue belt

Purple belt

Brown & black belt


And 3 weight divisions:

Upto 70kg

Upto 90kg

And Over 90

It should be noted that the weight limit for selective Winner Bjj is 105kg. In case a weight category features less than 4 athletes, they will then join another weight class.


Official IBJJF rules apply in competition. Ranking is determined by scoring a victory:

winner by submission will be awarded 3 points

winner by points will be awarded 2 points

winner by advantage will be awarded 1 point.

Event is set to take place in Belgium October 9th following the launch of Winner BJJ brand 


Prizes are: 

The winners of the league win more than an endorsement deal with winner bjj – they will also get travel, accommodation and registration for the following competitions:

European Jiu-Jitsu Ibjjf Championship 2017

Jiu Jitsu Ibjjf Championship 2017

Abu Dhabi BJJ World Championship 2017

World jiu jitsu ibjjf championship 2017


To register, click HERE.

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