Kron Gracie Answers Critics: ‘I Tried to Please the Jiu-Jitsu Community’

Kron Gracie Answers Critics: ‘I Tried to Please the Jiu-Jitsu Community’

Kron Gracie, son of Rickson Gracie was defeated by Charles Jourdain by unanimous decision.

Without fighting in MMA since 2019, Kron Gracie made his return to the sport this Saturday (6), on the main card of UFC 288, in Newark, United States, and the result was not the best. In action against Charles Jourdain, Rickson Gracie’s son and Hélio’s grandson, tried to make it a Jiu-Jitsu fight, but he saw his opponent adopt a good strategy and emerge victorious by unanimous decision of the judges.

In the opening bout of the main card of UFC 288, Charles Jourdain ‘s first action against Kron Gracie was some close range strikes. The Canadian also landed good uppercuts and the Brazilian, in turn, managed the takedown by pulling his guard, but the fight soon returned to standing and Gracie butt scooted towards Jourdain before eventually standing up.

In the second round, the Gracie returned to pulling his guard, however, the script was repeated and Jourdain managed to take the fight back to striking, where he had clear superiority, with fast and precise strikes.

The third and final round had the same plot as the previous ones, with Charles Jourdain quickly applying strikes and Kron Gracie trying, at all costs, to pull his guard on the ground fight, but without managing to develop his Jiu-Jitsu. In the end, after three disputed rounds, the Canadian was victorious in the unanimous decision and recovered from the defeats suffered by Shane Burgos and Nathaniel Wood, respectively. Kron, in turn, suffers the second setback of his MMA career, both at the UFC.

Dana White was not impressed with his performance. He told the media:

“I like Kron a lot. He’s a good kid. He came out looking very limited tonight. It was coming out of a time capsule in 1995. It’s a tough way to try to win a fight these days.The kid’s got a ton of heart. He’s a got a good chin. I don’t want to sh*t on his performance but it was rough game plan. ”

In the media interview, Jourdain declared Kron style of fighting as being outdated.

“Pulling guard in MMA? Nobody does that.”

Kron answered his critics with an instagram story post. The Gracie explained that he fought that way, throwing no punches, because he wanted to please the Jiu-Jitsu community. He vowed to return to his old ways and start striking again.

This was the strategy that he had used when he fought Cub Swanson and ended up on the losing end of a unanimous decision.