Keenan Cornelius: ‘Heel Hooks in IBJJF Will Provoke a Divide (Gi & No Gi), We’re Going To See More Specialization’

Keenan Cornelius: ‘Heel Hooks in IBJJF Will Provoke a Divide (Gi & No Gi), We’re Going To See More Specialization’

It’s been confirmed. Heel hooks and reaping will be allowed in No Gi competions for brown and black belts starting from 2021.

The IBJJF (International Jiu-Jitsu Federation) has announced the news during this weekend’s Pan Championship and FloGrappling confirmed the information. This year’s No-Gi Pans (November 21-22) won’t be using this rule change obviously.

The information had originally been leaked by BJJ black belt and IBJJF referee Thiago Stefanutti when he posted the news on facebook in his academy’s group. The news then spread.

This rule change means that all twisting leg locks including the inside and outside heel hook.

The IBJJF will soon be releasing an updated version of their official rule book soon with more details.

ADCC medalist and No Gi BJJ world Champion reacted to the news. He believes that it’s a huge change, because now the IBJJF can potentially rival ADCC as the major world championship of submission grappling:

“I think it’s a great idea i think everyone kind of considered nogi worlds subpar world it was like fake worlds almost like if you don’t have heel hooks.”

In this video interview Keenan talks in more detail about what this means for the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu scene. Keenan believes that heel hooks in IBJJF will make BJJ players specializes exclusively on either No Gi or on Gi, forcing a bigger divide in Jiu-Jitsu:

“It’s gonna warrant more nogi specific training. So for the all of the ibjf athletes who train nogi two to three months out of the year, you’re gonna see them having to have their seasons like six months Gi, six months nogi if not like commit to one or the other because that’s the direction we’re moving in. As the two sports divide it’s very difficult to be the best at both of them. I think we’re going to see more specialization on both sides and sort of a divide there.”

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