Keenan Cornelius: I Fight Roided Out Freaks Of Nature

Keenan Cornelius: I Fight Roided Out Freaks Of Nature
Felipe Pena is featured on the background picture as he was famously popped for using a testoster*ne cream 


Keenan Cornelius is fresh off of winning the bronze in ADCC 2017 however in spite of his excellent physical preparation Keenan is a firm believer in the fact that tech trumps strength – something Roger Gracie also recently said.

Roger Gracie: I Don’t Rely On My Athletic Abilities

Cornelius recently posted:

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Which prompted this exchange:

This is not the first time Keenan was outspoken about doping in bjj


Comment from discussion Keenan’s Wisdom.

Kornelius also added:

Paolo Miyao’s Shocking Defense in USADA Case: Doping Rules Do Not Apply To Me