JT Torres: “If You Don’t Put In The Work, You Can’t Expect The Results”

JT Torres: “If You Don’t Put In The Work, You Can’t Expect The Results”

So you want to compete and win that gold, right? No matter if it’s your first or your 100th tournament, you’ve set to not just “go out there” but to actually win…
What this means, though, is that you’ll have to prepare. You’ll have to train and focus like never before.

JT Torres understands that more than well. And not just because of his own experiences in training and competition, but also because he is coach to a lot of competitors…
So, he understands the effort that’s required to go out there and win.

He shared words of inspiration with his students in a recent Instagram post:

If you don’t put in the work, you can’t expect the results – right?
And you can’t blame anyone else but yourself, right?

But if you do put in the work, if you listen to your coaches, if you work with your coaches, if you eat well, you sleep well, you balance your life…
If you balance it out, working towards these certain goals, then yeah – you can expect great things.

Preparation is most important:

And like I said, at the end of the day, all that we’re doing is preparing to the best of our ability.
And when we prepare the best we can, that’s how confidence is built.

You show up that day to compete, be confident. Know that you’re ready.
Know that you’ve earned your right to be on that mat, to work towards that goal, to try to win that gold.

Though, it’s more than just about winning the gold:

It’s about everything going into it, alright?
It’s the fact that you set a goal, you work towards it, now we’re working that day to achieve it.

Whatever happens, happens, right? At least we don’t live in regret, right?
When you live in regret is when you didn’t give it your best.

But just know that what you do here, in this room, day in and day out – it’s more difficult than what you’re going to encounter over there.
So, do not make the event bigger than what it is in your mind, alright?