John Danaher’s Advice: “Live A Life Dominated By Routine”

John Danaher’s Advice: “Live A Life Dominated By Routine”

Here’s the truth: if you want to become successful in anything – including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu – then that’s going to take some sacrifice.
Sacrifice, not just in terms of the stuff you can’t do anymore. But also in what you allow yourself to do every single day – as you’ll have to follow a routine.

Sure, “routine” can seem like such a boring word…
But if you want to become the best you can, then you’ll have to follow it through.

John Danaher knows that best, both from his own and the example of athletes he coaches every day.
Here’s what he has to say about the topic:

When most people say that a person lives a life of routine they mean it in a mildly derogatory way to describe a boring person.
It’s usually seen a bad way to live one’s life.

I have no idea what the best way to live one’s life is – but I can tell you this with great confidence – if you want to build skills that can make you great at some activity – you will need to live a life dominated by routine.

It’s about learning the necessary skills, which takes consistency:

Building skills is all about consistency over time.
Constant big swings and chaos in your life won’t allow this.

You need structure in your life that allows you devote large amounts of time daily to skill acquisition with as few interruptions as possible – that means a life of routine.

Danaher concludes:

Routine may be a dirty word to some, but it’s the path to greatness to those whose future is bound up with skill acquisition.


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