John Danaher Reveals How To Learn Jiu-Jitsu Faster

John Danaher Reveals How To Learn Jiu-Jitsu Faster

Everyone would like to learn BJJ at a faster pace, right? Yeah, you included…
But what are you supposed to do, actually, to make this possible? Well, John Danaher has some great advice.

Here’s what he revealed via social media:

A question I’m often asked is whether it is possible to increase the rate at which you learn the skills of Jiu jitsu. My answer to this is yes – definitely.
There are however limits on how quickly you can learn any physical skill and jiu jitsu is no exception.

There are quite a few factors involved in speed of skill acquisition.
Two of them that I place a lot of importance upon are TECHNIQUE SELECTION and FOCUS.

Danaher continues:

When it’s time to improve your performance in a given skill area it’s important to choose wisely which techniques you will focus upon.

Not all techniques are created equal. Some figure much more prominently in successful outcomes in high level competition – focus on these above others to make faster progress overall.

In addition, focus your training time upon a smaller set of moves to maximize training volume on those skills, even at the expense of learning other skills.

He finishes with some amazing, practical advice:

Remember always that in this game one move performed very well will almost always outperform a dozen moves performed in a mediocre fashion.

Don’t despair if your current skills diminish a little as you focus on these new skills.
Be confident that moves learned prior can be re-learned much more easily than brand new skills – you will recover them quickly with a little training.

When it’s time to increase your performance quickly – choose wisely and focus intently on those choices – you’ll soon see results.


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