John Danaher On Wasted Time: “Television, Computer Games…”

John Danaher On Wasted Time: “Television, Computer Games…”

John Danaher is known not just for the outstanding legacy he’s leaving on the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, through the insights, details, and coaching he offers…
But he is also known as an extremely philosophical person – who thinks things through in depth.

And no, that’s not just the case with BJJ-related things. It’s also true for things that have to do with everyday life.
Such as the one thing you’re probably doing much more than you should be… And that is wasting time.

Danaher shared some of his thoughts on wasted time in a conversation with Firas Zahabi:

Think how much time the average person wastes in a given day… Between television, computer games…
You literally gain not a single useful skill. They’re literally designed to waste your time.

The solution? It’s quite simple, really.
Just think what you could do with all that wasted time, if you were to utilize it in a proper way. If you were to invest it in learning a skill:

If you could just take that wasted time and learn skills…
Within 3 years, you could have reinvented who you are as a human being.