Jiu-jitsu Trained Man Slams Ex-girlfriend’s New Beau Into Street

Jiu-jitsu Trained Man Slams Ex-girlfriend’s New Beau Into Street

Jiu jitsu can be as powerful of a weapon for good as it can for evil – this is why we advocate educating the buillied, the women and generally citizens without violent infractions in their past.

At least this is how it’s supposed to be. If you scratch the surface you’ll find plenty of people who pleaded down their horrendous crimes still in the community. And with plenty of defenders and supporters to boot.


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Another case just happened where a brazilian jiu jitsu practitioner reportedly assaulted his ex girlfriends new boyfriend according to palm beach post.

While meeting up with several acquaintances, including his ex-girlfriend, in the 1300 block of Jupiter Beach Road, a man became confrontational with his ex-girlfriend’s new beau. The new boyfriend attempted to walk away from the man, but was eventually shoved. In retaliation, he attempted to punch his tormenter, but missed and was picked up and slammed to the ground by the Brazilian jiujitsu-trained man. The boyfriend was bleeding from his head and told police he would prosecute. The body-slammer was arrested. He claimed that he and his victim were once friends and that he felt remorse over the attack.

There’s no word just yet on who the perpetrator is but cases like this prove what Helio Gracie once insisted on – that you can’t be promoting felons to the highest rank in jiu jitsu.

Relson Gracie about the traditional belt system of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, from this article:

With all his knowledge, he always found it important to show all through the art of Jiu Jitsu a good behavior and also as form of religon. Many great things we have learned with him throughout the years. In and out of the mat.



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