Jiu-jitsu Move May be Lifesaver for Trauma Victims

Jiu-jitsu Move May be Lifesaver for Trauma Victims

A bjj move  can reduce blood loss in someone who has sustained a significant wound, suggests a small, proof-of-concept study.

The findings were published Jan. 6 in Emergency Medicine Journal.  The lead author was Nathan White, an associate professor of emergency medicine at the University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle.

“Knee mount,” “knee-ride” or “knee on belly,” is used to pin an opponent to the ground – however newsroom.uw.edu reports it may also be quite helpful to save lives?!

“It’s great that people want to know how to save lives, White said, “but the problem is that most people don’t carry tourniquets with them. Why not just drop a knee onto a vascular pressure point to slow or stop the bleeding?”

The team’s next step, White said, is to compare the knee-mount technique to the standard of care for first-responders who render vascular compression.

“In any of these life-saving courses to stop bleeding, they teach you to compress a wound with your hands. But studies have shown that people fatigue while applying pressure for, say, three or four minutes until paramedics arrive. The knee ride uses your full body weight, so we think it delivers more pressure with less chance of fatigue.”

If future research validates initial findings, White said, perhaps “Drop the Knee” could complement the “Stop the Bleed” instruction.

The study was supported by U.S. Department of Defense grant N00014-16-1-2708.

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