Jiu-Jitsu History in the Making: UAE & Israel Federation Agree On Official Cooperation & BJJ Development in Both Countries

Jiu-Jitsu History in the Making: UAE & Israel Federation Agree On Official Cooperation & BJJ Development in Both Countries

ABU DHABI, December 19. The UAE and Israeli Jiu-Jitsu Federations signed a memorandum of cooperation to develop the sport of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in the two countries through several joint initiatives and programs to empower practitioners, coaches and administrators in the UAE and Israel through competitions and training programs.

The signing of the memorandum of cooperation took place on the sidelines of the Federation’s Jiu-Jitsu Championship hosted by the Jiu-Jitsu Arena in Abu Dhabi, in the presence of His Excellency Abdul Moneim Al-Sayed Mohammed Al-Hashemi, President of the UAE and Asian Federations, First Vice President of the International Jiu-Jitsu Federation, Erez Allroy, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Israel Jiu-Jitsu Federation, and His Excellency Muhammad Salem Al Dhaheri, Vice President The Emirates Jiu-Jitsu Federation, His Excellency Samira Al Rumaithi, a member of the Board of Directors of the Emirates Jiu-Jitsu Federation, Fahd Al Shamsi, Secretary-General of the Emirates Jiu-Jitsu Federation, and Elisha Poblinger, CEO of the Israel Jiu-Jitsu Federation.

The memorandum of cooperation includes the commitment of the two parties to work to develop, develop and enable this sport in the two countries and all over the world, and the exchange of establishing joint training camps for the Emirati and Israeli national teams and professional athletes, as well as the special tournaments organized by the two countries. The memorandum also provides for the exchange of technical expertise and the holding of workshops for teams. Arbitral and administrative.

His Excellency Abdul Moneim Al-Hashemi said: “The agreement is a true translation on the ground of the peace treaty signed between the two countries last September, and a clear confirmation of strengthening partnership and cooperation between us in all fields, including the sports field.”

He added, “We in the UAE are proud of our successful experience in spreading and developing Jiu-Jitsu sport in schools, clubs, various state institutions and private academies, which made it a model to be followed in Asia and the world, and we consider it a property for everyone to benefit from.”

He pointed out that the UAE Jiu-Jitsu Federation, thanks to the generous support of the wise leadership, was the largest developer in the world of jiu-jitsu. He will be welcome to participate in the tournaments we are organizing. ”

For his part, Erez Allroy stressed the importance of the agreement in promoting the popularity of jiu-jitsu in Israel, and said: “The United Arab Emirates has an important place in the jiu-jitsu scene, and this agreement allows us to work with a number of the best athletes, referees and administrators in the world, and the Israeli jiu-jitsu community will reap great benefits. From this important cooperation, which will also strengthen the ties between the two peoples, we look forward to benefiting from the knowledge and experiences of the UAE Jiu-Jitsu community, and working together to develop this distinctive sport. ”

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