How to Know If You’re Overtraining in The Gym (The Truth) by Coach Phil Daru

How to Know If You’re Overtraining in The Gym (The Truth) by Coach Phil Daru

Regular exercise is related with many beneficial biological effects. Among them reducing the risk of coronary heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, colon cancer, breast cancer and others. But excessive exercise could seriously compromise your progress.

When you train BJJ or do any kind of regular physical training, you will often hear advise from various people telling you to ‘listen to your body’. What does that mean and is that really going to make you reach your goals?

First off, you have to know the difference between overtraining and ‘listening to your body’ and taking a break once in a while after a constant and intense training period.

There are really simple ways to know if you are overtraining. Here are the symptoms:

– Lack of enjoyment during class
– Slight fevers
– Series of injuries  
– Delayed reaction times
– Depression 
– Constant soreness and tiredness
– Lack of motivation to go to training

Phil Daru, one of the world’s most renowned strength and conditioning coaches – a head coach for the American Top Team – has spent more than 10 years coaching elite-level athletes, getting their physical preparedness on a whole new level. And in this case, he explains exactly how to know if you’re overtraining, using science:

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