How Legit Is The Rat Guard?

How Legit Is The Rat Guard?



On the latest fight companion Eddie Bravo spotted something interesting, a version of guard often refered to as the rat guard.

The fight they are watching is this one between Roan Carneiro and Kenny Robertson :

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What is the rat guard?

The main instructional on youtube for the rat guard comes from Rene Dreifuss. You can check out some of Dreifuss’ action here.


According to Rene Dreifuss this guard is optimal for mma because the punching makes it easier to get into the position pictured above.


From there you pack the head similar to a guillotine setup and grab your own leg. It’s been compared to the octopus guard.


From three you could sweep or go to a kimura. Eddie Bravo and Joe Rogan seem to be sold on it. Does it seem like something you could incorporate into your game?