How Heavy Do You Need To Lift To Be Strong for BJJ?

How Heavy Do You Need To Lift To Be Strong for BJJ?

When it comes to strength and conditioning, many Grapplers especially BJJ practitioners still train like amateurs.

How will you love to describe yourself? As a grappler? or as a strength trainer? If you contrive to be successful on the mat you better figure it out here fairly promptly. There are lots of basic differences between them. One is a kinda performer who strength trains and another one just grapples. Now if you are still confused, check this out:

Simply it can be said that a grappler is someone who only cares for on-the-mat performance. His or her basic training focuses on how to defeat the opponents by the end of the match. Strength work, conditioning etc aren’t specifically about grappling but they are added only to improve the techniques of grappling. A strength trainer, on the other hand, cares only about his own body structure.

If you are a grappler who only cares about improving on the mat then how heavy should you lift or how strong do you need to be for Grappling?

Coach Chad, a competitive powerlifter and BJJ practitioner gives excellent advice here:

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