How BJJ World Champ Claudio Calasans Sets Up Kouchi Gari in Jiu-Jitsu

How BJJ World Champ Claudio Calasans Sets Up Kouchi Gari in Jiu-Jitsu

ADCC and BJJ world champion Claudio Calasans who is also a high level Judo black belt walks us through the way he sets up the Kouchi Gari foot sweep in a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu setting.

Grips and The Feint
The starting position for the Kouchi Gari throw is a same-sided grip on your opponent’s sleeve, as well as your opponent gripping your collar with his opposite hand.

Claudio first attacks an Ouchi Gari/Inside Trip and then goes for Kouchi.

Use Your Sweep Leg Properly and Go Through Their Hips
As you land on that leg, your sweeping leg will hook your opponent’s front leg in order to take him down. This sweep is done diagonally. And pay attention to the way Claudio hooks his training partner’s leg – it is behind his heel. The sweeping foot must also not be flat when performing this movement, but it needs to make itself into a „spoon“,  in other words, the bottom of your foot needs to face his heel.
It is also very important that your hips go deeply into and through your opponent’s hips as you initiate the Kouchi Gari. For, if you leave them back, you might be countered.

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