Gordon Ryan Claims Nobody Cares About IBJJF Competitors: “IBJJF is Slipping Quickly Into Irrelevance”

Gordon Ryan Claims Nobody Cares About IBJJF Competitors: “IBJJF is Slipping Quickly Into Irrelevance”

An intriguing discussion took place between ADCC silver medalist Nick Rordiguez and his co-hosts regarding the prestige of certain grappling competitions. They pondered whether achieving success at ADCC trials now carries more clout than earning gold at IBJJF World championships.

“Winning USA (ADCC) trials now it’s more valuable than winning Black belt worlds.” – Rodriguez concluded with one of his co-hosts admitting:

“Blue belts or purple belts that are honestly better than a lot of the black belts. I think” – about the structure of the ADCC divisions compared to traditional BJJ Competitions.

And despite the rivalry between New Wave and B-Team, this seems to be a point both Rodriguez and Gordon Ryan agree on.

Gordon Ryan recently shared some of his thoughts about the IBJJF European IBJJF championships. He shared with his many followers on social media:

“You know the level at Euros is low when the guy who has a 38% submission rate at black belt has a 100% submission rate in this competition”

Later on he added:

“The talent level at this year’s euros is lower than ever by a landslide, even though the level in jiu jitsu as a whole is higher than ever. What does this mean? Ibjjf is slipping quickly Into irrelevance in terms of prestige. “

In a separate statement, Gordon Ryan, as outspoken as ever, decided to give his two cents on close outs at IBJJF. For him, IBJJF competitors are to blame since nobody wants to see their boring matches. He posted on his IG:

“IBJJF decided to take steps to prevent close outs and now athletes are complaining that they want to be paid more to fight team mates in the finals. While i do agree that SOME athletes deserve to be paid more, most don’t deserve to be paid ANYTHING… The fact is these athletes are only crying about athlete pay now because they see me rich and it drives them nuts… You look like an absolute joke. I agree IBJJF should pay bigger prizes and even give SOME athletes more show money, but most of you honestly don’t deserve a dime, even the adcc and world champions. The fact is, no one cares about you, and that’s by the numbers… If IBJJF was smart they’d offer me a $75k show purse to enter one of their GP’s this year so I can help save the sinking ship that is their brand. The ibjjf is in the wrong on a lot of things but you athletes live in another world of delusion too.”