Female Blue Belt Uses BJJ To Prevent Alleged Shoplifter from Getting Away

Female Blue Belt Uses BJJ To Prevent Alleged Shoplifter from Getting Away

Female Blue Belt in Caxias do Sul, Brazil detained shoplifter with the power of the RNC. Lucky for the shoplifter he made off better than the mountain lion.
26-year-old Patricia Melo saw the alleged shoplifter running from security near her house. She says that her instinct was to hold and immobilize him until the police arrived.

She is from team ALLIANCE MARIO REIS.

Leouve reports

After the robbery, the man, identified as Fernando Vieira Zimmermann, fled the scene and was arrested by the woman, a Jiu-jitsu fighter. She struck the criminal and immobilized him until the arrival of a Military Brigade vehicle.

Patricia Melo, 26, believed the alleged criminal would be running away from the store’s security guards when she spotted him.

“He was running away from four security guards and he was running down the street from my house when I left the porch of the building and saw him coming towards me. My reaction was to hold him and immobilize until the police arrived and everything was resolved, “she says.

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