Famous Jiu Jiteiros Reveal What they Like To Eat After Competition

Famous Jiu Jiteiros Reveal What they Like To Eat After Competition


Competition prep can quite often be exhausting and includes eliminating all kinds of carbs. Naturally this leaves the champs hungry and craving their first post fight meal!



Recently graciemag caught up with a couple of champs and inquired. Here’s how they responded:

Bia Mesquita (lightweight world champion):

“After the Worlds, my favorite plate is a deep one! There comes that urge to eat a lot… But generally, my first meal after securing the gold is pasta. My favorite is cheese ravioli with white sauce.”

Lucas Hulk (medium heavyweight world champion):

“It’s important for the first morning meal to be nutritious, so I start the day with some secret porridge! It’s oatmeal cooked in milk and with cinnamon, banana, peanut butter and some cereals. It’s rich in fiber and offers the energy I need for training.”


Mahamed Aly (super-heavyweight world champion):

“I’m always training, so the menu doesn’t change. I eat everything, but I really like pizza, especially since I’m living here in the U.S.”

Mikey Musumeci (light featherweight world champion):

“My favorite dish is very creamy penne, especially if prepared with tomato sauce, milk cream and garlic, among other ingredients.”

Leandro Lo (absolute world champion):

“Man, what I like is some barbecue.”


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